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How it Works

First Contact

You reach out to us through a phone call or by submitting an online form here.

Site Visit

Set up a 1 on 1 meeting to discuss the project in more detail.

budget talk

The project specifications are worked into an estimate.


The pricing and scope of work is delievered and questions/changes are addressed.

next steps

JE personnel are assigned to your project and product sheets are sent your way for approval.


A pre-construction meeting is setup with the owner and any utility / municipalities for coordination


Construction begins.


This could be anything from grading a yard, installing a driveway, digging basements, installing roads, installing airport runways, development of subdivisions, development of commercial lots, etc.


This includes basement floors, garage floors, porches, sidewalks, curbs, small walls, brick pavers, ADA ramps. 


This includes sanitary sewer mains, sanitary sewer laterals, sanitary manholes, storm sewer piping, retention systems, storm manholes/inlets, water mains, fire hydrant work, fire protection vaults, service lines, meter pits.

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Have a question or have a project you want to talk about? Reach out to us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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