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Johannigman Excavating’s overarching vision is to provide our customers with a quality product that is delivered on time and on budget. We strive to keep our customers end product, and the delivery of that end product, in mind while working on the project, adding value engineering as needed or requested. We also realize we simply can’t provide the best value to our customers without our employees, therefore we constantly strive to provide a safe and quality work environment- a safe & happy employee is a productive and high performing employee.

We feel at JE that we have returning customers for good reasons. We have a quality product that we deliver from a family owned business. All our team members are involved in the daily activities and can monitor a lot of things more carefully than some of our bigger competitors.



The Beginning

JE was started in the 1960’s by, Roman Johannigman. He started out with just a bulldozer, which he used on his farm cleaning up the land and managing his farm. Word spread which led to Roman performing work for neighbors and friends. While progressing, his sons were recruited (drafted if you ask them) to help in the excavating and farming business. Roman and his wife had ten children, seven of them boys, and two of the seven took a particular liking to the work.



Keeping it Moving in The Right Direction

In 1978, John and Ed Johannigman decided that it was time to take over the excavating work and purchased the two dozers from Roman and began their quest. The early 80’s were found to be tough times, where both John and Ed had to take second jobs to keep the company afloat, but with hard work and an excellent reputation, they were able to keep the company moving in the right direction. As John and Ed began growing families, their sons were recruited as well. John had Bob and Trent to get things going and Ed had Brad. Working alongside their Dads in the summers and on breaks the sons grew, just as the company did.


2008 - Now

Present Day

After secondary educations were out of the way, the sons all returned at one time or another. In 2008, Ed decided that it was time to retire from ownership of the business and pursued other interests. Bob was able to step in and purchase Ed’s shares of the company. John, Bob, and Trent are now all working for the company as President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Concrete Foreman, respectively.

2008 - Now


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